Is the American Dream dead

Oh, the American Dream. That idea which has supported America for more than five decades. That dream in which, with hard labor, patience, and trust on the economy you would be able to build your own house and have access to everything you want out of life. Some say that this idea is not true anymore. What do you think? Is the American Dream dead? Let’s dig deeper on this subject.

A lot of surveys show that Americans are no longer relaxed when it comes to their economy. In fact, they even are anxious or preoccupied (which is like, the opposite of relaxed). And, their ideas for the future are not optimistic at all. In fact, a huge portion of society has claimed that they do not think the situation with the economy will get better.  

So, is the middle class lowering its life quality? Is it a matter of the times? Is it the global crisis we are all going through? Or may it be possible that the dream is dead? We do not have the answer but we do know that today, youngsters, have more trouble accessing to the same goods as their grandparents did. Maybe the dream is dead. If so, how can we bring it back? 

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