how much coffee is too much

Oh, coffee. That amazing drink which helps you to do all of the things you need to do in life. No matter what it is that you do of your day or what your deal is, starting your day with a cup of coffee will help you to get through the morning with energy and good humor. Thus, a lot of people have the habit of drinking coffee. But, it doesn’t stop there. Some of us drink a lot more than just one cup a day. how much coffee is too muchcoffee?

Even though coffee is the best (that is not up to discussion) the amount of caffeine you take during the day can impact negatively the overall of your health. Don’t get me wrong, caffeine has positive effects too. For example, it is proven that by having a daily cup your long term memory improves. But, this can affect your nervous system too. 

The recommended amount of caffeine a day is up to 500 mg a day. are you aware of the fact that other beverages and foods you take over the day may contain caffeine? These foods should be considered when thinking about your daily consumption of caffeine and if its levels are affecting your health. 

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