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how much coffee is too much

Oh, coffee. That amazing drink which helps you to do all of the things you need to do in life. No matter what it is that you do of your day or what your deal is, starting your day with a cup of coffee will help you to get through the morning with energy and good humor. Thus, a lot of people have the habit of drinking coffee. But, it doesn’t stop there. Some of us drink a lot more than just one cup a day. how much coffee is too muchcoffee?

Even though coffee is the best (that is not up to discussion) the amount of caffeine you take during the day can impact negatively the overall of your health. Don’t get me wrong, caffeine has positive effects too. For example, it is proven that by having a daily cup your long term memory improves. But, this can affect your nervous system too. 

The recommended amount of caffeine a day is up to 500 mg a day. are you aware of the fact that other beverages and foods you take over the day may contain caffeine? These foods should be considered when thinking about your daily consumption of caffeine and if its levels are affecting your health. 

Is the American Dream dead

Oh, the American Dream. That idea which has supported America for more than five decades. That dream in which, with hard labor, patience, and trust on the economy you would be able to build your own house and have access to everything you want out of life. Some say that this idea is not true anymore. What do you think? Is the American Dream dead? Let’s dig deeper on this subject.

A lot of surveys show that Americans are no longer relaxed when it comes to their economy. In fact, they even are anxious or preoccupied (which is like, the opposite of relaxed). And, their ideas for the future are not optimistic at all. In fact, a huge portion of society has claimed that they do not think the situation with the economy will get better.  

So, is the middle class lowering its life quality? Is it a matter of the times? Is it the global crisis we are all going through? Or may it be possible that the dream is dead? We do not have the answer but we do know that today, youngsters, have more trouble accessing to the same goods as their grandparents did. Maybe the dream is dead. If so, how can we bring it back? 

Madonna Dont Tell Me

Rumor has it that, the country singer Keith Urban has stolen his latest single’s melody from Madonna dont tell me. In fact, the country singer has expressed his admiration for the queen of pop and, especially for its 2001 song, “Don’t Tell Me”. Despite the rumors, the connection between both songs is not as notorious as some people say it is. However, if you consider that Madonna’s song includes some folk and country vibes, then it is actually really possible that Urban’s song has something do with Madonna’s.  

However, Madonna’s fans claim that is not only about Urban’s latest singles. They say that he has, in fact, stolen a lot of music melody from the queen of pop and other songs such as “Hey, Soul Sister” and “Let it Rock”. 

These things tend to happen in music where creativity and originality are encouraged but, sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve. So, what do you think? Make sure to listen to “Little Bit”, Keith Urban’s new single and spot the similarities between really famous pop songs and Keith Urban’s album. We can guarantee you that there are similar things but, it’s not actually the same. 

Naltrexone and Bupropion

If you have been trying, long enough, to lose weight but your body seems to reject all of your efforts, there is actually a medicine that will help you in this task. This medicine comes out from the combination of naltrexone and bupropion. This medication, in addition to a balanced and reduced calorie diet, plus healthy exercise, will help you shed fat and keep it that way for a long time. The treatment is used on people who are overweight or obese. It is also meant for people who struggle with weight related issues. It is available in America only with your doctor’s prescription. The product is available in tablets and extended-release.

To start using this medication your doctor should consider its risks against its benefits. Before starting to use Naltrexone and Bupropion you should consider if you have or have had any allergic reaction to any other medicines. Also, if you are allergic to something else, this is a factor which should be considered before starting treatment. It is very important that, despite your doctor’s recommendation, you read the label before taking it. 

If at any point of the treatment you feel uncomfortable, you should tell your doctor about it immediately. Remember that this is a very strong medication.